Boombox, Bluetooth, FM, USB, SD-Card, Trolly

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60W battery BT speaker with FM - IPX4   Take it everywhere! Weatherproof,... mehr
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60W battery BT speaker with FM - IPX4
Take it everywhere!

Weatherproof, super-light thanks to its lithium battery, BOOMBOX benefits from great autonomy and comfortable sound output, with built-in all-terrain trolley .

Incredible music all day long

Discover the 2-way experience brought by the new BOOMBOX speaker. 

60W of music within a compact and transportable format. Add a 10-hour battery on top of that, and you will get to enjoy your music extensively without charging it.

Listen to the radio

Did you forget to bring your favourite tracks with you ? It is ok, BOOMBOX also features an FM receiver to listen to radio stations and save up your favourite 5.

Make yourself heard

BOOMBOX features two Jack 6,35 mm inputs to connect your guitar and microphone. If you cannot connect wirelessly, we got you: a USB reader and auxiliary plug are integrated to the speaker.

Wireless world

Bring your favourite music everywhere on your smartphone or tablet thanks to the wireless technology, and easily connect via Bluetooth. It is NFC compatible: all you need is getting your device close and it will automatically pair. Moreover, BOOMBOX features a 5 Volts, 2 Amps USB plug to charge your devices.  

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